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With more than nine years of expertise, we delightfully provide high-quality service. We specialise in plumbing, bathrooms, combi boiler installation and central heating solutions. You may anticipate receiving professional, approachable assistance with best-fit solutions catering to your underfloor heating and combi boiler needs. You can rely on us to leave your property in the same condition we found and provide transparent boiler repairs quotes.AGS Plumbing and Heating Services LTD is BPEC-certified and a member of the Gas Safe Register. On boiler installations Kent, we offer a free central heating engineers quote and a 10-year guarantee.

Benefits of Having a New Gas Boiler Installations Kent by AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd

AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd is a prominent company in Kent that offers gas boiler installation services. There are various reasons and benefits to choosing AGS for your installation needs if you consider updating your boiler system. We will examine why choosing AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd for a new gas boiler installation is wise.

Improved Energy Efficiency: As technology advances, newer gas boilers and radiators are more energy-efficient than earlier conventional boiler and radiators. AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd installs high-efficiency boilers to assist you in minimising energy usage and costs, resulting in long-term Worcester cost savings.

Improved Heating Performance: A new gas boiler installations Kent from AGS will ensure that your Worcester property has maximum heating controls and performance throughout. AGS’s skilled central heating installation technicians will examine your heating demands and offer a boiler that meets them, resulting in consistent and reliable combi boiler warmth throughout your Worcester house or company.

Improved Safety Measures: Older boilers may have yet to have modern models’ most recent safety measures. AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd installs central heating systems with modern safety features like flame monitoring, pressure release valves, and carbon monoxide detectors, giving you peace of mind and a safer Worcester living environment.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: AGS supports environmentally friendly combi boiler installation solutions. By installing a new gas boiler with AGS, you may dramatically lower your carbon footprint. Modern combi boiler emit fewer emissions, aiding in environmental protection and contributing to a greener future.

Increased Property Value: Installing underfloor heating and a new gas boiler can increase the value of your Kent home. When it comes time to sell your house or commercial property, potential buyers enjoy a new, efficient heating system, which may be a key selling factor.

AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd has an excellent reputation in Kent for offering dependable and trustworthy combi boiler installation service. Their skilled team of professional boiler installers guarantees that your boiler installation is completed to the highest standards, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the dependability of your heating system.

AGS offers extended warranties and boiler repair maintenance plans on their gas boiler installations, offering additional security and coverage for your investment. They also provide maintenance programmes to guarantee your boiler runs efficiently, decreasing the chance of unexpected problems and maintaining a lifetime.

Expert Advice and Consultation: AGS’s installers team is qualified and experienced in installing gas boilers and central heating repairs. They will walk you through choosing, considering your heating needs, Kent property size, and budget. AGS offers customised solutions to ensure you make an informed selection that matches your combi boiler requirements.

Local Company with Quick Response Times: As a local Kent business, AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd recognises the value of prompt combi boiler service. They take pride in their quick response times, ensuring your new gas boiler installation is completed efficiently and without delays.

Customer Satisfaction is a top priority for AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd. They have a devoted customer base in Kent due to their devotion to excellent workmanship and exceptional combi boiler service. When you choose AGS for your gas boiler installation, you can be confident that you will receive excellent service and a heating system that meets or exceeds your expectations.

In conclusion, AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd is a trustworthy and dependable option for gas boiler installations in Kent. Their service provides several benefits, from improved energy efficiency to more excellent home value and expert advice. By choosing AGS for a new gas boiler installation, you can benefit from the more excellent heating performance, enhanced safety measures, lower energy bills and the peace of mind that you have made a wise investment in your house or company.

How does AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd perform boiler installations Kent and replacement?

AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd takes a systematic and professional approach to boiler installation and replacement to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Here’s a high-level overview of how AGS conducts boiler installation and replacement projects:

Initial Assessment: AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd begins by thoroughly assessing your property’s heating requirements. Their skilled professionals evaluate the property’s size, heating requirements, existing system, and specific customer requests or quote concerns.

Suggestion and Quotation: AGS offers a thorough recommendation for a suitable boiler system based on the assessment. They examine energy efficiency, capacity, and budget while recommending the best solutions for your requirements. A thorough quotation explaining the cost and scope of the combi boiler installation or replacement project is provided.

Scheduling & Planning: After you have reviewed and accepted the quotation, AGS will work with you to schedule a combi boiler installation or replacement date that is convenient for you. They consider your availability and strive to minimise interruptions to your routine. Detailed planning is conducted to guarantee that all appropriate equipment and materials are available on the specified day.

Existing Boiler Removal (if Required): If a boiler replacement is required, AGS will safely remove the existing boiler from your property. Their professionals disconnect and decommission the old system using suitable processes, ensuring that all relevant safety regulations are followed.

Installation of New Boiler: The professional technicians at AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd install the new boiler following the manufacturer’s recommendations and industry best practices. They connect the gas supply, water pipes and heating system as needed. The combi boiler installation is professionally performed to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Testing and Commissioning: AGS thoroughly tests and commissions the new boiler after installing the combi boiler. They check the functionality of all components, look for leaks, and ensure the controls and safety features work correctly. This step is critical for ensuring the boiler operates appropriately and meets the required criteria.

System Integration and Controls: AGS ensures the new boiler is seamlessly integrated into your heating system. They configure the controls and settings to your preferences, giving you easy access to and control over your heating system.

Customer Instruction and Demonstration: AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd will walk you through the operation and maintenance of your new boiler. They will go through the essential features, settings, and safety precautions with you to ensure you are comfortable and knowledgeable about your heating system.

Final Documentation and Cleanup: AGS provides all relevant documentation for the new boiler, including warranties and guarantees. They also clean up after themselves, ensuring your property is in good condition.

AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd values client happiness and provides post combi boiler installation support. They answer any questions or concerns and offer advice on regular maintenance and servicing to keep your boiler functioning at peak efficiency.

AGS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd ensures a professional and efficient combi boiler installation or replacement by following this process, providing you with a dependable and high-performing heating system.

What should you consider when selecting a new boiler for your home and lifestyle?

Several essential considerations should be addressed when selecting a new boiler for your home and lifestyle. Making an informed decision helps guarantee that you purchase a boiler that efficiently satisfies your heating demands. Here are some crucial points to remember:

Efficiency of the boiler: Look for a boiler with a good energy efficiency rating. The Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency (AFUE) rating for gas boilers or the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK (SEDBUK) rating for oil boilers determines efficiency. Higher scores indicate greater efficiency and potential long-term cost savings.

Heating Capacity: Think about the size and heating needs of your property. A too-small boiler may need help effectively heating your home, while an excessive boiler may save energy. Consult an expert to identify the best heating capacity for your specific need.

Hot Water Demand: Determine your household’s hot water requirements. Consider a boiler with a more significant hot water flow rate or a separate hot water cylinder or tank if you need a large amount of hot water for showers, baths, or many taps running simultaneously.

Boiler Type: Boilers are classified into combi, system, and regular (conventional) boilers. Combi boilers heat and supply hot water on demand, while system boilers require a separate cylinder for hot water storage, and standard boilers use both a cylinder and a cold-water tank. Choose a boiler that is appropriate for your lifestyle and available space.

Controls and Programmability: Think about how much power and programmability you want. Advanced boiler controls enable you to independently create heating schedules, modify temperatures, and regulate separate zones in your home. Smart home integration or programmable thermostats can improve energy efficiency and convenience.

Set a budget for your new boiler installations Kent, which should include the cost of the boiler, installation, and any central heating system adjustments. While upfront expenses must be considered, long-term savings from energy efficiency and potential rebates or incentives offered for specific boiler types or energy sources must also be considered.

Maintenance and Servicing: Take into account the new boilers maintenance requirements. Regular system boiler servicing is essential for optimal performance and warranty coverage. Determine whether the manufacturer or installer provides maintenance quote plans or whether local North Kent service providers are easily accessible.

Professional Installation: Ensure qualified and experienced heating engineers perform the installation. Professional installation assures the boiler’s safety, compliance with rules, and proper operation. Choose a reliable plumbing and heating engineers service provider with a proven track record of excellence.

Considering these new combi boiler considerations, you can make an informed selection when purchasing a new boiler install for your house, lifestyle, and heating needs, delivering comfort, energy efficiency, and dependability for years to come. Thank you for reading.